Thank you for… Delays, traffic jams and long waits

Sure, it is frustrating to know that it will take 45 minutes to unite you with your lunch, or to know that you will reach your destination a good couple of hours later than you anticipated. But sometimes, the most memorable moments come by during these delays which gift you a few moments away from home, chores, work or endless other things. It is while you wait that you decide to “kill” time with conversation, smiles and random observations. How could it possibly be killing time, when in fact you are creating memories.

I spent much of my first day of the new year waiting. Waiting in traffic, waiting in line, waiting for food and waiting. But on this first day, I also was with somebody i have waited to meet for the whole of my life. And I was with my friends, who make life a healthier ride by finding a reason to laugh heartily on the most random things.

I cherished this waiting, because time went by like a breeze. I wasn’t rushing to get anywhere, I wasn’t bothered to be running on a timetable or to respond to the endless Happy New Year wishes. I was just there — in a state of happiness, cheer and joy. Because when you have love and warmth keeping you company, the destination doesn’t matter, the journey is always special.

PS: I am grateful for all the good wishes, will reply soon 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all 🙂

Also, this post marks the return of the Thank You series 🙂

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