Thank you for… broken resolutions

I interviewed an author, Judy Balan, today. She said that she started last year wanting to do something else and she ended up writing and publishing her book. She said that her resolution now is to embrace serendipity.

It made me wonder. We kick ourselves for going off the road we set out on. We feel guilty for not losing weight or for not quitting smoking or drinking. Sometimes we feel disappointed. I do, several times. I never stuck to my plan. I am not where I was supposed to be as per my resolution. Thank you, Judy, for reminding me why compulsive planning is idiocy 🙂

And then I look around. There are pictures I clicked, there lies my own book, there’s my dog on the floor and my cat in my lap and there’s an article I am working on open on my computer.

No, I may not be where I resolved to be but I am cosy where I am. And I have more reasons to smile than I can count.

It doesnt matter that my resolutions broke, because they broke for a reason — I just didnt know it then.
Thank you for broken resolutions, thank you for taking me off the course.

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  1. Piu.
    January 3, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Shaaqs, I don’t make new year resolutions. There is something about letting life take you on a course you could neither imagine or intend to be on and eventually you emerge stronger, happier and more content than ever. 🙂

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