Month: November 2013

And it’s here! Friday Cha Phatka

The first real pass time that I managed to develop in life, I kid you not, was watching movies on VHS. My mother’s words at the time – “What good will ever come out of this?” still ring in my ears. But apparently some good did come out of it. Cinema made a permanent home in my heart and yeh love story shuru ho gayee. Working as a web journalist for DNA, I realized that the cinema of my birthplace – Maharashtra was in a very exciting phase. Filmmakers were taking risks, they were breaking out of the formula and most importantly, some extraordinary stories were being told. And at 3am an idea struck! Why not review Marathi films?

It’s been close to two years and from blogposts and tweets, I am taking my love for Marathi cinema in motion! The awesome folks at Qyuki are helping me answer the fundamental question that my mother asked in exasperation – “What good will come out of this?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Friday Cha Phatka – where I’ll be doing all things Marathi cinema! And our very first stint is with Marathi cha romantic hero (I’ll take the liberty of calling him Marathi cha SRK!) – Swwapnil Joshi. So watch it, like it, subscribe and tell all your friends about it. Show me the love yaa!