Srushti Rao reviews Imperfect Mr. Right

Srushti is an artiste and a vibrant person. She is a momma to her own little Perfect Mr Mischievous and somehow between giving her little one attention and bringing out life onto canvases,  Srushti read Imperfect Mr Right. She shot me an email right after she finished reading, with a small discontentment with the ending. When a reader gets back to you demanding answers to their questions, you know they fell in love with your characters somewhere along the way. Srushti made me smile with her review later on Flipkart. Here’s what she said:

Love is in the Air

Loved the book from page one and all the way through to the end. Its a beautifully told story. Simple yet fascinating.

Felt like falling in love all over again and experiencing the emotions so well told by Shakti. Effortless English, well defined characters, enticing story of two lovers.

Shakti for a first novel this is a winner. Kudos to you. Muah!

Srushti poses with the book!

Thanks for those beautiful words, Srushti, you inspire me to write more 🙂

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