Pranali Raut reviews Imperfect Mr. Right

We went to college together, we got a tattoo together, we have watched the jhalliest of movies together. Pranali Raut is one of my closest friends who was a part of the schizophrenic process of writing a novel. She and I spoke about Tanya and Rahul like they were real people. She gave me the reader’s perspective. ‘This is confusing, that is too dramatic,’ she’d often tell me. And she is someone who reads a lot of popular fiction and was the perfect person to comment on the book. Though she read each chapter as it was written, she hadn’t read the consolidated book after the two edits that it went through.

She couldn’t wait for the book to appear in bookstores and went ahead and bought the book on Flipkart. And guess what, she even left me a review there! Here’s what she had to say:

Easy and relaxed reading.

Imperfect Mr. Right is such a refreshing read just because it’s so much better than what other Indian authors have to offer in this genre. It’s a well paced, smooth read.. perfect for a Sunday afternoon or a relaxed vacation.
The characters are well defined and the story progresses effortlessly. The lead pair seems complex but we all know someone who reminds us of Tanya and Rahul.
Perfect for gifting to the women in your life. 🙂
Can’t wait for Shakti’s next!!

Thank you Pannu 🙂

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