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I’ve decided to write down memories as they come. Because I’m scared I might lose them someday. There are memories about people, memories about places, memories about everything and anything. I have even decided to put down all the random ideas that come to my head. Reason: I think I forget them and I truly believe that they’re rocking (of course, they rock because they are MY ideas!) Also, I genuinely believe that when I am older and I look at my ideas and memories, it may give me a chance to know myself better. Let me start by explaining how I realized writing it all down is a good idea.

Flashback 2001: A hot summer afternoon in April. A girl is frantically making notes as she speaks on the phone.

“So you know someone who can do the interview or what? What’s the name? Okay, number? You sure this girl is good na?”

She picks up her cell-phone and dials another number. “Hello, is that X? Oh hi I got your number from Y. See there’s this rocking opportunity. Have you heard of Akashvani’s YuvaBharati? Ok they want two students to interview this publisher about his college days. Are you interested? No??!! Okay!”

She calls another number. “She is NOT interested! I mean, I would jump at such an opportunity!”

“I can’t do that, na. How weird will it sound, me interviewing my dad. Nah! Give me someone!”

“What’s the name you said? Rohan? Okay!”

“Hello, could I speak to Rohan?”

The voice on the phone- “Just a minute.”

After about a minute a gasping voice- “Hello, let me catch my breath! Who’s this?”

And with those words she met a soul just as excited as her. They’d meet almost every day, and would think out loud. They dreamed big and truly believed that they could rule the world one day!

They planned to colour each others’ hair, cook and eat grand meals, open an ad agency of their own and of course, there was a book in the pipeline too!

They studied hard to get into a mass media course at the college of their choice. While doing so they shared their literary, music and film interests and matured beyond their years. They shared happiness and pain, agonies and joys. It was a friendship meant to last for life.

Back to the future:

I used to write a weird journal of sorts back then, which I had stashed behind a couple of unused books and all that. Recently, while clearing out some clutter, I came across this book. I smiled, I cried, I sighed! It was just the best thing to read ever. I couldn’t believe that I was that girl. I was so naïve and yet so ambitious.

There was so much I wanted to learn and there was so much that the friendship with Rohan taught me. Right then it was all about the fun, but today when I look back, I realize that if it wasn’t for that relationship, I wouldn’t be what I am today. There are so many people, who contribute to our growth as an individual, who enrich our lives and we never even realize it.

That’s why I am going to write about them. That’s the least I can do to appreciate them…

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  1. June 18, 2008 at 6:47 am

    Yes you will forget for maybe days, months, years and each time you remember something you will think, “I should write this down”. I have a very good memory, yet I have been taking written notes since I was about twelve years old. The age of lap tops and recorders were a blessing for me; get those mental pictures down on paper; I am the keeper of memories in my family, and my site reflects this in my “Always Remember” Series. Good luck to you…

    Annie O.

  2. compulsivewriter
    June 18, 2008 at 9:24 am

    thanks csw 🙂

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