Friendships are about laughing together. It’s about doing crazy things together, getting in trouble together and having each others’ backs. Good friendships are all about good memories that make for fun stories.

But the best friendships are all about showing up. About sticking around to make jokes when the going gets tough. They’re about 4am  ‘shit has hit the fan’ calls. And they’re about showing up with a bucket of soap water to clean that shit up while playing good music. It is about finding the dark place where your friend is and lighting a candle and waiting for the light to come in, together. True friendships are about being grateful for that best friend, who makes the dark place bearable with their presence.
And while good friendships might make life fun, a life without a true friendship is no life at all!
Be grateful for true friends! And be a true friend to those who matter. Your love and your companionship means a lot more than you know. So do it. Be true friends!

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