Begin Again: Happy New Year

All set to enter the last week of 2016, it is hard not to recap on the year gone by. What with all the listicles and newspaper articles listing the best and worst of the year, it is natural to think about our own life in the past 51 weeks and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

Me? I think about the hope that sprung up in my heart in the last week of 2015. New resolutions were made, new plans unleashed, new goals set… And then suddenly the unachieved goals, the fizzled out plans and the resolutions that disappeared in 2 weeks’ time bust my heart.

The last week of 2016 is no different. But this year, I am not going to let those failed, fizzled out things bust my happiness. I will channel them into actioning the hopes and dreams I have for 2017. I will not look back on 2016 to beat myself up about things that remain unticked on the list. Instead, I will focus on the things that I managed to tick off the list and give myself some credit for them. Like this blog. I was supposed to write often, which I did. I was supposed to post often, which I didn’t. It’s fine. I am still going to resolve to be regular with my blog. I will not give up on making that resolution. Because, that, my friend would be the real failure.

So here’s my New Year wish for you dear reader (if you’re still reading): I hope all your failures have taught you something. I hope that your failures have given you great stories. And I hope that you will learn to channel your failure into the founding stone of your future success. Because there is not a doubt in my mind that success is yours. Let your hair down, dance, sing and be merry. Make the last week of 2016 as memorable as possible, even if the year itself wasn’t. Make resolutions. Make plans. And enter 2017 with much gusto. Happy new year… Happy new you!

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