You, Me, Hum, Tum, Majja

Day 11, Tuesday 29th September, 2009

The fat cat stared me in my face. I woke expecting the purring to be the dainty Mulayam, but here was Tipper, in all his magnificence, staring me in the face to let him out. Damn, I should have been up two hours ago to make it on time for the walk. Dang. It was too sunny to go out now. So I busied myself with the writing. I was lagging behind in doing my daily posts to the blog and I was fast forgetting little things and what they made me think. Sometimes, I long for a Dictaphone. It’d be nice to record all my crazy ideas (yes, I love all my ideas)

The plan was to get a sushi take-out. But we decided to cook instead. On the menu: Chicken tandoori with boiled veggies and whole wheat bread. I had to make sure my sister was getting good nutrition while I was around.

And then something made me go yaay! Nani replied to me on twitter. She had finally started writing her blog. I have been after her forever to start writing a blog. I think she’s a fantastic writer, has an amazing sense of humor and a keen insight into human behaviour. And yeah, her theories can really get you thinking. I felt she had to write a blog. So, finally a brief twitter campaign later, Nani started her own blog (you can read it here).
I thought to myself, ‘Now I can read all about Nani’s life when I go back to Mumbai,’ and that’s it. The mood swung right back to the dumps.

Don’t get me wrong, I long to go home to my family, my home and my life, but the thought of that life with Nani so far away is a little overwhelming. Yes, I am missing my mom and dad and grandparents. I am missing PiWi, Snehu and I am missing the brother, the better friend and their idiosyncrasies. But then I start each day with Nani and end it with Nani. Yeah, call me an obsessive sister if you must, but I love falling asleep to random jabber with Nanchan and I love waking up a little annoyed with the mad songs she sets on her cellphone alarm. I guess, Mom and Dad will kick me on my backside, but yeah, Nani is like the missing jigsaw puzzle to my life.

I have said this before, but before she came into my life, I remember it being dull. At four, I threw a tantrum and acted up on the sibling rivalry, but Nani is the best thing that ever happened to me. And Mom and Dad, thank you ever so much. I feel grateful for the family we are and frankly, I love all the madness, highs and lows of being us.

I love it and if I had to, I’d do it all over again. Maybe, I’ll cut the sibling rivalry and useless rebellion out. Nah, throw it in. I think it strengthened our bond!

4 comments for “You, Me, Hum, Tum, Majja

  1. October 4, 2009 at 10:33 am

    that made me bawl! I love being an older sister…

    But you’re a star, Shakti and Nani’s a gem, the distance will be negligible with the memories! And time will fly!

    Yea, and thanks for missing me. Not like i miss you either!

  2. sharmishtha Bhadra
    October 4, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    oye…wanna adopt me i can do with an almost older sister especially one as adorable as you…plus i’ll get to see mulayam as well…BTW how did the Tandoori Chicken turn out
    keep rockin girls

  3. Joss
    October 5, 2009 at 10:36 am

    I guess I do actually know sisters as close as you two. But they don’t express their feelings like this. Not to others and possibly not to each other. It makes me want to say something lovely to my own sister. In fact, I’ll email her right now. You Indians are so much more open and affectionate than us Britishers. I really hadn’t appreciated how much we hold back till I started watching Bollywood movies and making online friends from India. You all are an inspiration, but especially you, Shakti. Keep writing.

  4. February 2, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Great to see your blog is finally working with my new Blackberry (pearl) browser! Before it’s messed up.

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