Yehi Hai Write Choice Baby, A-ha!

Enough random thinking. It will still continue, but from today, the blog will see posts about creating my second novel. I plan to do the following things by the year end:

  1. Be brutally honest about myself, to myself:

Satyadev Dubey once told me over a cup of chai at MIG club, ‘Lie to the world, but don’t ever make the mistake of lying to yourself,’ It’s about time I took that advice seriously. I am honest with myself but to put it down in words is to crystalize it, frame it up and make it permanent. I am not going to be scared of it.


  1. Delete the delete:

Negative self- image might help me improve and all, but the negativity about my own work makes me destroy most of the things that I write. From now on, delete does not exist. I will write, and however crappy I think my writing, I will revisit it later and craft it to reduce its level of mediocrity.


  1. Worker harder on the hard work:

Working hard is simply not enough. I will work harder at working harder.


  1. Reflections can be beautiful:

Maintain a writers’ journal so I can reflect on the process of writing.


  1. Share:

Being nervous about sharing my work is bad for my health. And a lady with bitten nails doesn’t exactly look gorgeous. It’s my work, I will share it. So what if someone hates it!


  1. Do Doddle Do:

I am always guilty of talking rather than doing. I won’t just write these things, I will do them.

Off to start with the second novel. To piece together silly little pieces of the puzzle I have strewn across the different corners of my mind. To piece them together, to bring alive each character and to be the schizophrenic writer I love being. I am off to be restless, to explore where the story goes and where it comes from, to feel the pulse of each character and to be haunted, consumed and bewildered by the story I want to tell. And my readers, darlings, you have a choice, to be involved in this mad mad mad journey over the next God knows how many days. If it sounds too boring, let me know. I’ll sneak in a fun bit or two, but I really *need* to do this. 

Let the madness begin: drumroll!

5 comments for “Yehi Hai Write Choice Baby, A-ha!

  1. November 18, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    Ha ha all the best 🙂 Never delete, yup that is the golden rule..just leave it somewhere and you never know when it might be useful 🙂

  2. Joss
    November 18, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Good luck on the journey. I will be there cheering you on to write what I haven’t the ambition to do myself. I’m too busy, at the moment looking after a new puppy! It’s heavenly to gaze into those soulful brown eyes, and all desire to achieve anything else evaporates.

  3. November 30, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    thanks guys 🙂 t

  4. December 2, 2009 at 1:54 am

    try will strunks elements of style for additional inspiration…its priceless advice:)

  5. December 5, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    loved your blog.
    and are these resolutions???
    try, follow them. lemme know… the year next i ‘ll be following them 🙂

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