Writing and rewriting

I am a writer. Its just a sentence but it weighs a ton. Everytime someone asks me what I do for a living I say, ‘I am a writer’.
What is being a writer? Does it mean you simply write? What do you write? Novels, poetry or just plain emails?

The writer in me doesn’t let me be unless I write something. She needs to justify her presence. She makes sure that the writer is not forgotten in the endless chores through the day. Being a writer, is a full time profession. Even if you’re not looking for it, something inspires you each day and then you feel the itch. You can’t sit still till you pen the thoughts.

Today I have nothing to write; but the itch is still there. I feel like writing, writing and writing. But about what? Should I write about the butterflies I saw this morning. Nah. Too clichéd. Should I write about… Hell I want to write about nothing. Nothing at all.

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