Why the desperation to have a date?

It’s that time of the year when malls and shops put up their pink merchandise, record companies release pink CDs with love ballads that are supposed to melt your heart, and restaurants rustle up a pink menu for couples with hearts for irises in their eyes.

“Shut up you cynic! It’s an excuse to celebrate love,” the voice in my head says.

But what about this compulsive hunt for a partner just because you don’t want to be alone? What about this fake, over-the-top show of love that drives any unattached individual away and makes them want to barf?

When Mumbai got cold in December, I had a few friends longing for a relationship just so they had someone to cuddle-up with. As New Year’s Eve approached, a few friends started dating random people because they were afraid they won’t have somebody to kiss at midnight. I’ll be optimistic and say people’s whirlwind romances and winter flings may have spilled over into January and lasted till February. And now, it’s Valentine’s Day. Those without a date might ask their crushes out so that they get together to buy cute things and enjoy romantic dinners on the 14th.

But in an age where an Andheri resident breaks up with her boyfriend because he moved to Vashi, rendering their relationship ‘inconvenient’ (true story!), how long do you think these starry eyed couples will stick together?

No, I am not being a cynic. I believe we find love when we have to, but if the need for love stems from climatic conditions or the fear of solitude, is it love at all?

You can switch on the AC and pretend its winter or you can stand close to a garden sprinkler and pretend its raining. But you cannot stand next to someone and pretend to love them. Not for long.

Originally published in DNA on February 10, 2011


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