Vancouver: Indulgence of a different kind

Last year, I travelled to the picturesque British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. Since it is a beautiful summer destination, I’ll post a few pages from my travel diary here… 
British Columbia is super, natural they told me. And it better be, I said as I readied for a 24+ hour trip across the globe. After a very uncomfortable Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, a long, but extremely well-serviced flight to Toronto and a short flight from Toronto to Vancouver that seemed longer than it should have, we landed in Vancouver.
Jet-lag, coupled with lack of sleep for over two days, made it impossible to keep me eyes open during the drive from the airport to the hotel. As we got into our hotel, the Fairmont Vancouver, all I wanted was a bed. Of course, 11pm in Canada is just about 11.30am in India and quite conveniently, my brain assumed this was an afternoon nap that had gone on for long enough. And wide awake at 3am, I tried rocking myself to sleep. It was obvious that all had failed when at 4 am my tummy made a rumbling noise, and demanded it be fed. Right on the night-stand was a welcome platter with cookies, chocolates and strawberries dipped in chocolate. I said a tiny prayer to Nigella Lawson and performed a ritual that would appease the goddess of good eating – I propped meself on the soft, comfy bed and placed the rectangular platter in my lap and devoured it. Best.Breakfast.Ever.
By 5am, mails were checked, Whatsapps had been sent, Facebook had been updated and there wasn’t much else to do but to get out of bed. Living two blocks away from the busy Robson street, I expected to look out my window to see a crowd of party animals who were stretching their Friday night into the dawn of Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the pavement was crowded with people, dressed in their best running gear, huffing and puffing away.
Just as a theobromine-laced burped escaped my lips, I hung my head in shame and went back to bed.
Vancouver is beautiful because the idea of this city’s indulgence is indulging in outdoor activities, eating fresh, local produce and looking really good. Now, I better hit the gym before I set out to dinner at the popular restaurant CinCin (yes, I am hopeless).

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