Tick Tock

Tick tock tick
Tock tick tock,
Sounds the clock,
As I lay on my bed,
Counting a flock.

the wind is ruffling
the curtains aside,
letting in a dim light
I shut my eyes tight.

Capture those dreams,
And the nightmares…
But come to me please
I am utterly in despair

If not now,
Don’t come to me ever.
Stay away then
Do me a favour

Creaking down the stairs,
A warm cup of milk,
Rearranging the chairs
And cleaning the sink

Watching the sounds,
Hearing the clouds,
And the music
of the wild wild wind

Yet no show,
The sky begins to glow,
The sun is out,
But you are missing.

I give up on the sack,
And hit the books,
Taking the notes,
And sorting the quotes,
Barely a word I wrote,
And you come to me,
My much beloved sleep….

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