Then & Now

Back then we woke up as we pleased, showered if we felt like it. Ate elaborate home-cooked meals and spent the afternoon on the couch watching reruns of FRIENDS. In the evening we stepped out for a walk/drive if we pleased or we went out for a few early drinks with friends. And we went to bed content that there’d be a list of cool restaurants, bars, films and cuisines that we could talk about with our colleagues/friends when the weekend was mentioned at work.

Sundays now are days when we wake up early, thank you anxiety attacks, to finish a long list of chores. Clean this corner, clean that corner. Stock this up, stock that up. Give the dog a bath, clean the dog’s bed. Change the sheets, curtains, pillow cases, get them washed. Eat cereal for lunch or order in. Pass out for a nap only to be woken up 2 seconds later by someone at the door/or a phone call. Visit family or friends to fulfill social responsibility (the funnest part of the weekend), promise self that the diet will resume tomorrow. Plan meals for the week ahead. Think. Think hard about what chores you missed. Doze off while that thinking happens.

And yet, I am happier today than I was back when Sundays used to be lazy.

Life: Best served complicated. 

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