The Shadow

These days the shadow that thrives on my happiness has gotten darker. It has gotten darker to the extent of being indestructible by the feeble lights I flash on it. The shadow only gets darker each day. The shadow eats into my happiness. Every time life gives me a reason to be happy, the shadow creeps up from behind the walls like a hungry dog that has smelt meat.

It devours the juicy meat, sends the pieces of flesh flying as its teeth rapidly sink into it. All that is left behind is a bone. The reminder of the shadow’s existence. A reminder that the shadow needs to be fed. A reminder that there is nothing that can be hidden from the shadow, it will come to demand. But why? Who gave the shadow that right.

I am going to run away from the shadow. I run through the dark alleyways, onto the swarming streets. The shadow only gets darker. I run run run to find daylight. The daylight which might kill the shadow. The shadow is yet darker. The next moment I turn, the shadow is starting to grow its own eyes and nose. It has a face…. It has acquired a face. The shadow is no more a shadow. It has broken free of the chains to be its own self. And then the shadow looks down at herself and smiles. Her solid hand reaches to me and feels my face, neck, hands as if I were a toy. Her fiery eyes bear into me and I feel my form dissolve. I become the shadow.

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