Supriya Maulick Mahajan reviews Imperfect Mr. Right

Arjun and Supriya Mahajan are a wonderful couple that I got to know through Twitter and then got to know them even better when we met offline. They live in Gurgaon, but whenever we are in each others’ corner, coffee and cakes are a must! Some of my stunning display pictures have been clicked by Arjun, who is a fantastic photographer.

Supriya is a chocoholic like me and is a fun girl who is a legal eagle in Gurgaon. One of my very close ‘girl gang’ members, Supriya bought a copy of the novel and wrestled Arjun to get to read it first. And here’s what she posted to my Facebook timeline:

Shaak…I started reading your book at 10 pm last night and didn’t put it down till I finished it ten minutes past midnight. I louuued it. It made for a good fun read and I totally adored Tanya’s ‘I don’t care’ attitude toward the show

Thank you Sups 🙂 And here’s a picture of Supriya reading the book courtesy Arjun 🙂


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