Quantity is ruining Marathi cinema – Mahesh Manjrekar

Filmmaker and producer Mahesh Manjrekar was in the Qyuki studios last week when he made a startling revelation. “Marathi cinema is going well, but if you ask me today if I want to do a Marathi film, I’ll say NO,” said Manjrekar. When we asked him what he feels about this new wave of cinema, Manjrekar commented on the quantity affecting the quality of Marathi cinema.
“I am against the government subsidy, but I’m a minority. Why should the government pay? Nobody has forced you into filmmaking. The subsidy should be given only if you’re making something path-breaking,” Manjrekar said.

Manjrekar said that the subsidy has unfortunately created a business model for Marathi films leading to too many films that are diluting the market. “If you ask me today if I want to make a Marathi film, I’ll say NO. People make films, then they don’t know what to do with it. Last year, 2-3 Marathi films came out every week and sank without a trace. Quantity is ruining Marathi films,” said the filmmaker. Manjrekar feels that there’s a need for quality-control, organized structure for Marathi films to thrive. “Or else history will repeat itself and the audience might just go away again.” He warns. Watch the complete interview to find out more

Manjrekar spoke to us about the creative side of filmmaking too!

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