Pang of Depression

Feelings of inadequacy
Sense of insecurity,
Belief in myself shattered,
Dreams lost; uncertainty.

A fuzzy picture,
Of the future,
The past a distant mistake,
Putting their faith at stake,
In the current present.

Storms and fuzzy gray skies,
Leafless trees with green highlights,
Raindrops lashing on the window,
Freezing cold stinging the skin.

Fight the cold,
Walk along,
Open the window,
And face the storm…
No matter what just walk on.

1 comment for “Pang of Depression

  1. ShRaDdHa
    January 6, 2006 at 10:01 am

    Hey Shakti,

    this is a beautiful poem….specialy coz i can relate to it….its exactly what i felt at a particular point in my life….but didnt know to put it down in such a beautiful manner….guess thts why u into creative and me in client servicing….and i guess most of us might have gone through the same feeling at some point in their life….

    great work!!


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