Magic 8 ball

When you’re stuck in traffic or at a doctor’s waiting room, time just refuses to pass. It is at such times that I get tempted to play games on me mobile. The latest app on my iPhone is the magic ball app. Any question, a slight shake and voilà! The app has an answer. It’s perfect for a girl like me. Don’t believe me, ask my best friend. Pannu should I wear the white top or the maroon one? Does the maroon make me look fat? Should I eat an ice cream? Or maybe I want that jalebi?
She patiently hears me out but am sure that she will love the magic 8 ball for reducing her question load. So I started:
Me: am I going to be a rocking writer?
Ball: signs point to yes
Me: will I make a lot of money
Ball: better not to tell you now
Me: am I going to end up living abroad
Ball: reply hazy try later
Me: then am I going to be in India?
Ball: it is decidedly so
Me: are you confusing me?
Ball: maybe
Me: go to hell!
Ball: most likely
Me: do you even know where hell is?
Ball: my sources say no
Me: you are an idiot!
Ball: signs point to yes
Me: I rock
Ball: definitely
Me: ok I am done
Ball: reply hazy try later
So there, I am asking questions, arguing and spendib my free time with a stupid application on my phone. It sounds like a relationship, no?

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  1. September 27, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    lol 😉 so you are getting addicted 😛

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