We were together 5 years- 5 long years. During these years, we took care of each other; we were there for each other. We had our fights, we had our good times. Every time the relationship got to a boring point, I had him undergo a makeover. I broke up with him for a month thinking I should try to live without him(he was also high maintenance) but got back with him because I couldn’t. It was my choice to break up with him then and I knew I could reach him whenever I wanted so getting back together with him wasn’t a problem. But this time I lost him. He is gone… someone stole him from me. He belongs to someone else even though they stole him. And now every time I reach for him, I find myself regretfully thinking, he’s not mine anymore. I don’t even know where he is! Oh yes, I will get a new one, but will it be the same? Having lost him I have lost more than just him… I miss him, my cell-phone.

In the initial days, I took care of it as if my life depended on it because I knew I wouldn’t get another one if I lost it. As time passed by, I continued to care for it because I valued the things it did for me and I understood that losing the phone meant losing all my phone numbers and all. And then I lost it at the most unlikely place… a friend’s house. Life hasn’t been the same since. I haven’t lost just a cell; I have lost one of the most important things in my life. Over and above being my phone it was my clock, my organizer, my torch, it was everything! And now that it’s gone, I have no numbers, no birthdays, no appointments, no pictures… it’s horrifying. Should you be so depressed to have lost a gadget? Why does our life depend on such inanimate objects and not so much on people? Are we heading towards the nightmare that Jean Kilburn talked about- replacing human relationships with inanimate objects?

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