Indian Sisters in America

Day 1:
We managed to check in our overstuffed bags. This was it. I was going to see the united states of America. Well ok, not all the states and not exactly on a holiday. But yeah. I was going with my sister. My most fav person in the world to travel with. Change that. My most fav person in the world. Period.

She is going as a student and me as a starry eyed tourist and a glossy eyed sister.

Yes, me and Nanchan have passionately observed America through news, books, stories, music, films and lately television. Of course, it always was my dream to see Nyc with her. But that can’t happen. She has school. But hey, I m on a flight to Miami and I will enter USA with my darling little nanuli. Wow!

Our first adventure happened qt the immigration counter in Mumbai. Nani’ was holding both our passports, and when our turn came we went forth with one passport each. I got cleared as lalitlalaxmi salgaokar. But nani’s answers didn’t match her visa and that’s when it struck us! Our passports had been interchanged! The immigration officer was baffled and what not, co passengers had a rofl moment. And me and Nanchan, we had a good laugh too. We have always wondered if we could exchange identities (in school she wanted me to take her exams!) and here we were, a silly juvenile childhood curiosity successfully fulfilled.

It was all a breeze after that. Talking to family and friends over the phone. What I didn’t tell Nanchan was the grave worry I had on my mind. I can’t imagine home without her. Until I was four, which is when nanu was born, my life was boring. She and I have had our silly moments, profound moments and though I am a daddy’s girl and mom’s rebel and all that, I depend on nani’ emotionally. Yes everyone is saying bye to her at the airport. I m lucky. I get to go see her in Miami and be with her. But I worry about what happens at the end of the trip. How do I come home to no nanu?

Yeah yeah if u wanna show off and be the pop culture engineer’s sister, you gotta sacrifice and all.

So yeah, Miami will be about creating enough memories with nanya to help me last through the next two years of solitude in the attic we used share for a bedroom. It’s going to be about taking charge and being the elder sister I have never been.

And it will be about, writing and documenting this time we spend together. Because I m a writer and this is the least I can do for my fav girl in the world. (mom, manuaai, pannu and sneha, u guys will have to make peace with being second to nani. And I know u understand why!)

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  1. Nani
    September 23, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    this is such a good piece of work..prejudices and personal affinity aside…..u should toatally try non-fiction writing….

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