Ghar Mil Gaya!

Day 5
5 am! Again I’m up before the sun. And I woke with sore calf muscles. The walking! The walking was not going to happen today. No no no. The only thing worse than achy breaky legs, is a hungry hungry stomach.
But until Nani woke up, it was just me, alone in bed, my iphone and twitter keeping me company. It sucks to use the iphone like an ipod touch! But what to do. Roaming will take me to bankruptcy faster than ever.

‘Nanu, don’t make me walk today no please! My feet hurt!’
‘Chill we won’t, but let’s handle the bank please.’

A lazy morning followed. Emails, photos, blogposts, phonecalls. Full on alshi (Marathi for lazy).
‘Call Juliana,’ ‘Did Juliana call?’ and a hajjar renditions of ‘julie julie’ happened. Nani wanted Juliana’s apartment, but knowing how awesome it was, I was damn scared someone else would lap it up.
A chittery chattery lunch and a bank appointment later, we settled back in the hotel. ‘We’ll celebrate the apartment with starbucks ka coffee, ok?’ nani is a good ‘badi behan’ material. Despite my ‘Yaay! Starbucks’ at every odd street-corner, we hadn’t found the time to get a cuppa yet. So Nani’s promise perked me up and how!

We got a few calls asking us how the beach was and we were to scared to admit that we had been uncool. We had been walking around to look for a home but we hadn’t seen the beach yet. Since we had zeroed down on the room, chalo beach bhi dekh le! Just at that point, Juliana called. The apartment was ours! Yaaaaay! Two Jumping Janes got out on the beach in utter delight of having completed the huge task on their list! We were not going to be homeless!
Add to that the delight of walking onto the ‘Shut up and Bounce’ beach! (If you don’t know already, i think John Abraham in this song is yummy…. See for yourself!) My eyes scouted the beach for a dash of yellow. Sigh. No yellow. But the blue green sea, total WIN. And that fab walk followed by a warm cup of Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate with hazelnut and cream, it was a dream come true!

This is what good days are made of. And I can’t wait for Nani to move into her room and cook for her. Yeah yeah, I’m your typical elder sister. The kind, that totally fawns over the younger sister. Nani you better not complain!

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  1. Nani
    September 27, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    oh no, i have nothing to complain about!!!

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