Consume me, haunt me

Live within me, be me.

Light up the dark inside,

Make me see that dark side…

You, you, you’ve been teasing a while

You, you, you’ve been watching me a while,

You, you, you’ve got to help me cross over,

Just do me this one last favour…

It is my soul, I exist to write

But an empty mind refuses to type.

A quill, a pen, a pencil… the hand is uninspired

Give me my soul back, don’t make me fight.

It has been a long journey,

It has been a love story of sorts.

On paper they shimmer,

My ideas, my thoughts

I am greedy, and I want more.

Pages unblanked, stories retold.

You, you, you stop torturing me.

I beg of you just set me free

Free to wander in a land of fantasy,

To relive and retell whatever I see.

To write and scream and be a writer,

From this storm, that’s my only shelter. 

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  1. April 9, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    *blown away*

    I can understand…*sigh

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