Celebrating Nani day :)

They say when you love someone deeply, you leave a part of your soul with them. But they never say what happens when you meet someone who already possesses a part of your soul. 

24 years ago, I came face to face with my most favourite person in the whole wide world. Back then, I didn’t think so. She was just a baby who looked like a doll.

Over the years, slowly but steadily, experience made me realise how precious she was. I celebrate this day, each year to remind myself that she is the reason why I smile or laugh randomly through the day. She is the reason for so many things I am. And she is a part of my soul that was never mine. I am hers as much as she is mine. I guess that is what being sisters means.

Happy birthday, darling sister. This is the third birthday of yours that I’ve not been around. I wish I could get you a thousand gifts, bake you a decadent cake, throw you a lame surprise party or take you out to fancy dinner. But for now, its only words.. mwah


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