27 things about turning 27

Found this on my iPad… Had posted it a long time ago and I forgot to hit publish

1. Flowers: I don’t like flowers. The fact that they wilt the next day depresses me, but Rekha left a bouquet of carnations on my desk and made it a happy happy day

2. Cakes baked with love: I was bummed about being off chocolate because it meant I wouldn’t be getting any chocolate cake. So Pooja went ahead and baked me a yummy coffee cake and K Y baked me a cake that I’d dreamt of as a child – raspberry jelly cake! YUMMY

3. Giving: The joy of giving makes everything look better and how! Loved treating my family to an indulgent lunch at Neel. And loved it that they liked the food so much…

4. Shoes: I bought myself a pair of new shoes. I tell you, it’s the best thing ever!

5. Wishes from all over the world: Thank you social media, for rekindling old friendships, and creating new friendships. Warm wishes told me all day that I was a welcome factor on this planet. Felt nice, really nice… (I replied to each and every one, but in case I missed out, here is a thank you hug)

6. Nani singing me a song: My whole life, I had only spent one birthday apart from my sister. This year was the second. But she made it up to me by wishing me with Bob Dylan song 🙂

7. My pets: They acted like they do everyday. But Bono didn’t beak anything, Maumao managed to half-kill a pigeon… But did not leave it on my bathroom door as a gift. Small joys!

8. Grandpop’s birthday gift: I am not going to say what the gift was, but it was unbelievable…

9. Moon cake: The father got his friend to get me a moon-cake from China… Yaay!

10. Friends: They surrounded me, they were the ones to smack chocolate on my face (cruelty) and they were the ones to yell at a weird old man who overdid the chocolate smearing

11. More bath stuff. One thing I love about birthdays is the gifts. I got a few this year. A few friends got me Body Shop stuff and another friend got me some more Body Shop stuff. Yaaay!

12. A big realization: Again can’t share what it is but it was path-breaking… It gave me strength and it gave me faith.

13. Shopping: There are quite a few birthdays in September and some of my favourite people are born in September. Shopping for their birthday gifts was super fun… And the fact that most of them liked the stuff that I got them, made it super awesome.

14. Hearing an SRK song on the radio: Yes, two years ago I swore to get over my SRK fascination. It didn’t work. Why should it? I love the man and I always will (whether or not Ra.One is a hit)

15. The Bono artifact made by Koki and Nanu… Not sure the B man liked it, but I think it deserves a yoohooo because it makes me laugh every time I see it!

16. Memories of the past one year and realizing that even though 27 is just another number, at 26, I was so different! And change is a good thing.

17. A busy month: It has been raining birthday parties followed by slumber parties (for obvious reasons. We do not drive after we “party”). Though I have dark circles, I have plenty of smiles. And of course, TLKHM!

18. Wine… no, not because of the delirium it promised, but because it proved time and again that getting old can actually be a good thing.

19. The promise of 27 being my awesomeness year… Yeah, book will come out soon 🙂

20. My mom made me sanjorya… Basically it is a roti stuffed with “sheera”. My mom made them for me. Me! Wheeeeeee!

21. The 27th year of my life will be utilized in standing on my own two feet. It is ok to lean against a wall for support, but I must make my foundations stronger to help those I love lean against me.

22. The iPad! I finally bought myself the tablet and just like iPhone changed my life, so did the pad. And yes, it can be partially blamed for my weight gain (sad face)

23. Overflow in the idea book: I have too many ideas and for that I am glad. At 27, I should be able to make more time to write… At 28, I hope to have completed my second and third book!

24. Learning the fine art of making Rasgolichee amti, paapletcha sukka and kelyacha halva from my Grandma has been the most fulfilling feeling… It is almost like I am seven, perched atop her kitchen platform at a safe distance from the stove, watching her open her trusted tins and shower the masalas, condiments and love into the pots on the stove.

25. There will be a vacation pact. I plan to make the sister take atleast a 2 day vacay with me even if it is to National Park in Mumbai. The two day trip to Goa was probably one of the best two days of the year.

26. I plan to master a new technique of cooking. My baking is fulfilling and fun but it would be fun to be an ace sushi-maker no?

27. I will live up to my Tattoo and be a writer. I will be that ‘Compulsive Writer’ I used to be before…

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